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The recent bitcoin price has jumped from about $ 900 usd to $ 2,700 usd. This means that bitcoin has gained very good market response. Don't worry for those who have not had time to invest in bitcoin. For information that bitcoin will always go up, even after the miners are finished, this currency will be able to penetrate up to $ 10,000 / BTC. Because this currency is limited to 21 million only. You will never lose money investing in bitcoin. Even trading this currency will get a high profit rate.

We accept payment include:
1. Skrill
2. PerfectMoney
3. Western Union
4. MoneyGram
5. Neteller


STOCK Update
Bitcoin : 50.00000 BTC
SELL : $2,170 USD
BUY :  - 


We have our own miners' homes, with considerable capacity. We also sell some miner products from Antminer trademark. 

AntMiner S7-LN - 2.7 TH/s (LOW NOISE) Bitcoin Miner + PSU Bundle ---------------------------$405 USD
AntMiner S7 - 4.73 TH/s Bitcoin Miner (0.25 Watt/GH) *Limited Quantity*-------------------------$495 USD
AntMiner R4 - NEW - 8TH/s Bitcoin Miner (Low Noise/Designed for home use)-------------------$1260 USD
AntMiner S9 - (13TH/s) Bitcoin Miner New (16nm - 0.098 Watt/GH) --------------------------------$1980 USD

AntMiner S5 - 1.15 TH/s Bitcoin Miner (0.51 Watt/GH)-------------------------------------------------$205 USD
AntMiner T9 - New - (11.5TH/s Bitcoin Miner) 16nm ---------------------------------------------------$1539 USD
AntMiner S4 - 2TH/s BTC Miner (0.69watt/GH/s) Built-in PSU----------------------------------------$261 USD

AntMiner S2 - 1TH/s BTC Miner (1watt/GH/s) *Limited Qty Remaining* (Built-in PSU)---------$198 USD
AntMiner S5+ (Plus) - World's Fastest BTC Miner 7.7 TH/s @3436W - *Limited Quantity*------$3060 USD
AntMiner S4+ (PLUS) - 2.57 TH/s NEW! BTC Miner (0.58watt/GH/s) *Built-in PSU*------------$1170 USD



Any USD stock is not certain every day, for deposit and withdrawal please to confirm in advance. This service is solely to facilitate our clients in transacting.

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